Tony's Removals - Redcar

Using Boxes Safely

When moving please use suitable boxes that are strong enough to hold there contents ie double wall boxes and make sure you tape the top and the bottom of the boxes and not just fold the flaps inside as the contents may fall out when moved, and never make boxes to heavy to lift or move. Mark boxes as per room ie kitchen, living room, bedroom any boxes containing fragile items mark "FRAGILE" in either marker pen or Fragile tape which you can buy from most stationary shops, and keep to one side, this will also help you when unpacking in your new home, also pack sharp items such as knives seperate ie wrap them up or pack them in a plasic box to avoid any damage or possible injury when moving them.

Fridges & Freezers

Make sure all fridges and freezers are empty and defrosted totally, this will save water running out of them and damaging any other items of yours in the van, also please make sure cookers are empty ie no chip pans or deep fat fryers full of oil, also drain any other items ie lawnmowers, of petrol and oil, again to avoid leakage and damage to your goods or my van.

Gas & Electric Cookers

Have a Corgi registered plumber or electrician available to disconect your cooker and to refit it at the other end.

Plan Ahead!

Pack an essentials box with items you may want quickly, ie: tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, a kettle and maybe some snacks, ie: biscuits to tide you over whilst you start to get things put straight.
Keep any important documents to hand ie driving licence and passport should you require them, also remember to charge your mobile phone fully incase your landline is switched off during your move, and keep to hand any important phone numbers ie bank and solicitors.
Try to avoid moving on a Friday. Although it is a prefered day to move, experience has told me this is the worst day to do it as banks and solicitors like to hold on to money to get extra interest on it and if there is a problem with any paperwork it could roll over to the following Monday as normally banks and solicitors do not work weekends, so this would involve extra costs.
Also allow your self plenty of time to pack as it takes a lot longer than you might think and do not forget to check all your cupboards and your loft space.

Forward Mail

Most importantly do not forget to re direct your mail this can be done by picking up a form from your local post office were you can redirect your mail any were from 1 month to 2 years for a fee, also remember to notify your doctors, schools,optitions banks and your friends and family.


Please inform me of any parking restrictions at both ends and allow plenty of room to load and unload as near to your property as possible.

For any further advice or information please feel free to contact me.